1985 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Is The Luxury Wagon That Never Was

Cadillac didn't make a station wagon in 1985, but if this coachbuilt example is any indication we think they should have. There's no shortage of custom station wagons built from cars that never left the factory with a long roof option, but few end up looking as good as this Fleetwood Station Wagon currently on Ebay. » 7/07/12 4:00pm 7/07/12 4:00pm

Marcus Grönholm Loses Consciousness During X Games RallyCross Practice…

While practicing for the X Games RallyCross event yesterday driver Marcus Grönholm crashed and lost consciousness. The crash is the second serious accident that has occurred during practices for today's RallyCross finals. » 7/01/12 12:00pm 7/01/12 12:00pm